Explaining the ‘Weekend Re-set’

This page would probably be the forum user’s Home landing page.
It is an example of what the ‘Re-set page’ could look like with all the topics ordered the week prior, (ending Sunday at midnight.)
The page is just a rough sketch- These posts could be presented using a variety of style and format options.

Weekly Re-set (example)

MASS collaborations need mass communications.
Each week this weekly journal is refreshed, written and ordered by the people, for the people.
You will notice the vote option below. If you feel this topic is important you would vote for it.
By clicking it a new tab opens where you can read more, join the discussion or just vote.
(Every topic listed below would have a vote option like this one).

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This 'Re-set' not only helps to hold the group's focus but also prevents certain people from trying to affect the results of the discussion by hogging the conversations with excessive commentary etc.
Only the votes count and everybody can vote on as many topics as they want. If you don’t have much internet bandwidth, you only need to search for the topics that interest you and vote on those- you don’t have to participate in all the discussions.

There is no reason why disputes need to escalate to the level of protest or petitions.

Arts and culture
Anonymity is another vital aspect of this forum concept.
Not everyone feels free to speak out in their own voices at times, because doing so could have serious repercussions.
Therefore any member can at any time send an email to the admins requesting a second anonymous identity.
That profile’s details are not made public but in terms of the law, it is a legal identity of the person using it.

From the Local to the Global

*The rest of the topics below are just dummy examples of what the thread could look like.

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Animal Concerns
The #ISpeak4 campaign invites people of all ages and cultures to speak with and for any aspect of Creation they feel inspired to connect with. It can be a river, a tree, a whale, a bee, a lamb, a mountain, the wind, the moon . . . The intention of the campaign is to inspire, gather and share as many different messages from as many different non-human partners in the Web of Life, in as many different voices as possible, to help us all cultivate greater honoring of and empathy with all aspects of Creation.

We have to live together, though, and am afraid the only animals left will be the domesticated ones... There are already no wild humans left.... I agree we shouldn't treat other animals worse than we do people (zoos, experiments, factory farms etx).
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When deciding to start a business you will often face a dilemma, also known as the passion vs. profits debate: do you choose a business because of the potential for making money from it.
In South Africa if you have a business idea no bank is going to lend you money unless you have existing income or assets to put up as collateral and you certainly cannot depend on the government. If you have a business idea that requires a moderate amount of money, you are going to have to start a business that is cheaper to start such as one that involves recycling and build up and save your money all the while living thin and use this money for your main idea. You cannot sit and home and do nothing but wait for someone to come along and give you a lot of money to start your business; it is not going to happen.
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Topic thread would continue below....

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