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The forums on this site were made using the WordPress plugin called BBpress with a few additional add-ons
BBPress was redesigned in 2010 by John James Jacoby as a WordPress plug-in using all the latest coding standards, conventions, and approaches. * 30% of all websites today are made using WordPress and as a result, it is continually being upgraded and developed.

In 2017, there were 300 000 plus active BBPress Forum installations.
Software written ‘by the people and for the people’.

BBPress software is focused on ease of integration, ease of use, international web standards and speed. It is a well-designed, robust yet flexible and user-friendly communication base.
Customization is easy.

BBPress has a unique advantage over other forum software when it comes to customizing and the styling of the forum. . There are many support forums and the online manuals are very helpful. To fully harness the possibilities BBpress requires a basic php, Block code and CSS design skills.

Consider all the options this BBpress tool kit offers-

Because BBpress is fully integrated with WordPress, it uses the WordPress user-management system, security protocols and it can access the vast WordPress plug-in and template repositories. BBpress can also link to social platforms enabling social chats etc. between group members (similar to Facebook).

Add-ons used on this site are-
bbPress Login Register Links On Forum Topic Pages
bbPress Voting
Contact Form 7
GD Rating System
Health Check & Troubleshooting
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Reveal IDs
TablePress Extension: DataTables FixedColumns
TinyMCE Advanced