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      This is a Topic Example.

      The world is shifting faster than we can respond and our inability to react timorously is threatening our survival. We desperately need to up-grade our clumsy decision making processes. Large community discussions happen infrequently, are generally inefficient, poorly attended and limited by time constraints, finances, venues, travel factors and so on.

      Most people live in villages, towns or cities with populations from 2000 to a million plus. Identifying and holding the main focus of large evolving group discussions requires a complete re-think of the processes needed to enable fluid, effective large online forums.

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      Social media Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc have algorithms that rank and prioritize posts, often highlighting click-bait and hype slanted posts. They are useful platforms for sharing info and can handle virtual communities but they struggle to focus the discussions of their groups because the facilitation options available to the admins are severely restricted.

      Discussions seldom reach consensus and many find this lack of conclusion frustrating and basically a waste of time.
      This factor exasperates efforts to limit fake news.

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      As you can see this post has been several comments from Admin. That is because this is a dummy topic. Usually there would be different people responding.
      The vote calculator on the side basically shows how many people like or dislike the responses.
      The main thing to notice is that the topic has a vote button. If the topic is important to you, Vote.

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