This forum design/template explained below shows how many thousands of users can discuss many hundreds of topics (initiatives, issues, and proposals etc) simultaneously, in a manner that is self-regulating, and fair to all who participate.
More importantly, everyone participating can easily see what the most important issues are, and why they are so important, 24/7.

To explain, lets imagine you post a topic to one of the forums.
(Under the menu tab Forums there is an option to Submit a Topic.)
The forum admins allocate your topic to the forum you specify,
If you open the All forums tab you would see many forms which would have many subjects.
The next drop-downs on the Forum tab gives you options to look at the forum topics in various ways according to popularity and so on, or you could just type in some key words into the search-box to find the topics
that interest you.

If you open a topic, for example- you will see that people can reply to the post and like or dislike.
You will also notice that the post has a Vote option. If you feel the post (topic) is important you should vote for it, (and you will also see that you can subscribe to the topic or author if you want to relieve follow up notifications.)
*This voting using the Star rating system is crucial, and anyone can vote on as many subjects as they like.

The Weekly Re-Set.
On Sunday at midnight, the admins take screenshots of all the Star ratings, and then publishes a new page with all the topics ordered as per the votes over the past week. The Weekly Re-set.

Now if anyone wants to know what the most important top 100 or so topics are, they can just open the Weekly Re-set tab.

All the past week’s star rankings are removed from all the posts and the next week starts afresh each Monday.

(The screenshots and a PDF of the week’s voting list are published in the Forum Archives – in the menu tab.)

This explanation continues here> The Weekly Re-set

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  1. Why don’t we know who you are? Transparency?

    • Collaborations

      I am not sure what you mean? Do you want to see who votes? That could be difficult for some people but it could be considered as an option.

  2. Collaborations

    I am not sure what you mean? Do you want to see who votes? That could be difficult for some people but it could be considered as an option.

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  12. Sorry….is this site worldwide or is it South African??? Sounds great! This will take me a while to work out. But really good for many friends of mine who are not on Facebook. I will pass this on. So where can I , and CAN I post about the fact that in Durban, South Africa, after all our stage 1, stage2 etc of NO electricity from Eskom, they seem to be very extravagant with street lights all over Durban being left on all day. Is there a reason for this? Its everywhere. And when I look back on the videos of them, the oscillation
    of these lights is hectic. It gives me a physical headache when I look up.

    • Collaborations

      Hi Karen. This site is just an explanation of how a Torus styled forum works and it uses existing software. Every local community needs one. It is easy to put together if you are a website designer.
      I am not a website designer.
      I am in JHB trying to get some interest in it but everybody is of course very busy.

      I am working on improving it and then i will start a higher level of campaigning to find interested people who would like to help birth it.

      It has a unique design and there are no forums like this in the world yet.

  13. Collaborations

    Funny how everyone seems to want unity and participation but I can’t find any traction/ real support.
    I find people who like it but I have never found people actively promoting this concept yet. The website presentation is a problem.
    People who read it tell me thy like it but most don’t bother to read it because they presume they know what a forum is and of course online forums don’t tend to work too well.
    this one has a very particular design… like a specific, SIMPLE recipe where every aspect has been considered many times by many people…. the process began 3 years ago.

    To make the final product needs more consideration. A designer can easily put it together but the specifics needs a bit of a think tank… thats all it still needs.

    I ask everyone if they might know leaders… but the people I know don’t….. the greatest divide is between the leaders and those they lead.

    I send the link to some places, never a response…..

    If you could give me any assistance/guidance/feedback about this site that will be great.
    Thanks for your response.

  14. I need more info. What makesit different? We need more samples of topics with real interactions. Am interested

  15. Collaborations

    We have now begun building a site based on the Weekend Re-set for Johannesburg.
    In about a months time we will hopefully be ready to go into the testing phase-
    Please join us here-

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