Why do we have such great difficulties forming healthy, all-inclusive thriving communities?

We all live in communities- villages, towns and cities- but they hardly feel like communities. Greed, corruption, competitiveness, lack of empathy etc are often cited as the ‘obvious candidates’ contributing to our demise. Many animals have many similar traits, so what’s the problem?

Groups of people larger than 30 have the greatest of difficulty speaking together about deep issues within reasonable time constraints, yet we all live in communities of 2000 plus and many of them have become highly complex social arrangements. See the problem?

We also have a great biological handicap that affects our large group discussions- People cannot concentrate for more than 20 – 60 minutes which is a big issue if say 300 people come together for a chat and everyone has something important to share. It would take over 25 hours for each of the to do a 5 minute topic into each! (Tea-beaks excluded)

TIME is our most vital and limited recourse and as a result the greatest divide is between our leaders and those they lead- The two seldom ever meet in real-life.

To overcome our tremendous ‘large group-speak’ disabilities we have developed various organizing structures in the form of committees, councils, teams, representational democracy etc. but they are often clumsy and seriously limited logistically by hierarchical ‘bottle-necks’, poor communications, and so on.

We appoint governors to look after areas and we pay them to attend meeting and make decisions on our behalf but local officials cannot make communities- Only a community can do that. This primary flaw, our exaggerated reliance on the often over-burdened appointed authorities and leadership, often leads to corruption, poor communications  and various forms of system failures mostly in the form of time delays.

Forum software was invented to overcome our many issues with time.

Aren’t real life encounters better than online discussions?
Is this a political or social solution?

Our person to person interactions are very important and that will never change but when it comes to large numbers, (and 30 plus people in deep, complex discussions is a very big number for human discussions), our online forums offer many benefits.
TIME is the biggest obstacle to our large group discussions.

In real life people sometimes lie and cheat face to face  and our large group hierarchical formations have so many weaknesses, they can be easily misled by a few key people in the steering positions. Greed and corruption thrive because we are so poorly connected and extremely disorganized- Everyone is very focused on their personal clan, tribe, congregation, organization or like-minded small group and nobody really cares about the greater community.

 *Why are our small groups and associations so weak?

Our small organizations and sub-communities can only deal with small issues and the symptoms of dynamics that are way beyond their ‘ordinary’ reach.
The larger community we usually call a town or city has far more recourses and is in a much better position to address the more fundamental root sources of our many social, economical and political issues.
The larger the group, the better poised it is at overcoming life’s many challenges. However, the larger the group, the more difficult and limited/diluted our discussions become, hence the need for intelligent forum software that can help streamline our and facilitate our mass discussions.

*How do representational systems compare with participatory processes?

All inclusive participatory processes whereby everyone is invited to participate are much more successful than representative or leader based systems. All of our history has used hierarchical systems- herd mentality.
Hive mentality is not only for more intelligent but also give everyone the feeling that it is a collaborated fair process. If they make mistakes, they only have themselves to blame. Thus the group’s understanding increases and it also illuminates those age old ‘us/them’ scenarios.

Unity is the goal…. That is the only thing that will save us from our insanity- repeating our ancient clumsy social ways will not liberate us.

Hive mentality versus herd mentality

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