The Global Weekly Re-set

The Paradigm Shifter Explained-
From the Local to the Global.

As explained on the front page of this website, the Week-end Reset to self-evaluate the local discussions by ranking them with stars.
But participants could also vote topics up one jurisdiction higher- meaning, a topic could be promoted via a vote from the local forum to the higher regional or provincial level.

From each local forum the most popularly elected topic is move to the higher forum level each Monday.
A topic can only get elevated by one level each week. It cannot jump from the local to the national. It must first get elected from the local to the regional, then the provincial and only then can it be elected to the national forum. The duplicate posts made at the higher levels are tagged to the original authors and hyperlinked (via RSS feeds) from the original post in the local village/town/city forum.

The exact same week-end Re-set process happens at the national level which sends topics to the global forum from all the participating countries.
All the forums are open and anyone can read them, but only members of those specific forums can comment and vote on the topics in that forum.
When the regional or national forum gets to around 30 000 people, people who were added first can be removed to make place for the new comers.

This rather unusual week to week approach offers an accurate self-focusing and self-regulating mechanism that maintains the group’s perspective whilst also providing an accurate week-by-week archive of the group’s evolution and history.

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