The good will always outweigh the bad….. so why is the world in such a mess?

We will never end our forever accelerating downward spiral until we reorganize ourselves into more cohesive communities.
This site explains :
*Why this has never been possible,
*Highlights living examples that have overcome this obstacle since 2012, (from tiny villages to large cities and nation sized communities,)
*And then it presents a model that is far more intelligently designed than all those wonderful examples mentioned above.

We cannot only focus on our tribe, clan or like-minded clubs; our passions and personal concerns and so on, while totally ignoring the greater community and hope that our disingenuously funneled vision will somehow heal our lack of foresight.
Both the micro and the macro are equally important.
It’s that simple.

The information presented by this site has been divided into the following 3 basic categories-
Why do we have such great difficulties forming healthy all-inclusive thriving communities?
The new paradigm began in 2012.
Is it just theory or are there real-life success stories?
How is this online forum different to social media and our other messaging apps?

Topics at a glance –

Why do we have such great difficulties forming healthy all-inclusive thriving communities?

*Aren’t real life encounters better than online discussions?
Is this a political or social solution?

 *Why are our small groups and associations so weak?

*How do representational systems compare with participatory processes?

The new paradigm began in 2012. Is it just theory or are there real-life success stories?

*Why do localized online forums using forum software work so well?
What is the difference between Herd mentality and Hive mentality?

*What about other solutions such as meditation, veganism or eco villages for example?

*Are there any failure reports regarding localized online forums?
Why not??

NB. *How does the ‘revolutionary’ forum presented here work?

*Why is this approach ushering a new paradigm? Why is this unlike all of our other solutions?

*What is the biggest difference between the forum concepts presented in this website compared to the success stories discussed above?

*Will we have to destroy all the old systems before we can re-build a new?

*Could this idea be used to reconnect the entire world in a much more intelligent way? How?

* Specifics –
In this section there are many questions people have asked and they have been included here to help the reader get a more comprehensive understanding of the various dynamics involved. For example…..

*What needs to change before this solution can be implemented?

*Are there other examples in history where simple agreements/ understandings made by ordinary folk (not officials or royalty), have had massive global implications?

*What happens if someone wants to discuss a topic but fears that there may be serious repercussions if they do?

*Is the technology ready?

It is hoped that this website will inspire people to help with the evolution and implementation of this concept in a village, town or city somewhere.

The forum concept presented here was evolved over a three year period by about 100 members of a Facebook group called ‘The paradigm Shift’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1029519810524378/

(You can see some of the forum design discussions highlighted in the Announcement section and in the group’s photo album). https://www.facebook.com/groups/1029519810524378/announcements/

Life is a group effort.
Truth is an ongoing large group effort.

Every group action begins with a discussion.
The more holistic and deep the considerations are, the better the results.

life is a process, not a conclusion.

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